Where the planet, people, policy and partnerships co-exist.


Sustainable Caribbean serves clients from a diverse range of industries, agencies, organisations,  academia and levels of government within Barbados and the greater Caribbean region.  We deliver advice and support to our clients on environmental issues, as well as facilitating communication between the different stakeholders involved. Our areas of expertise are marine conservation, fisheries management , sustainable management and climate change resilience and adaptation within the context of sustainable development of the Blue - Green Economy. 

We offer a wide range of consulting services. From research and data collection, to analysis and report writing on fisheries management; From coral reef restoration projects, to climate change and blue resilience  measures; From grant writing, to conducting environmental impact assessments, providing training and workshops and providing sustainability solutions for the hospitality industry.

We are working towards becoming a social enterprise, continuing to have social and environmental impact and changing our island, region and the World for the better.


Sustainable Caribbean inspires individuals to make small changes that create a big positive impact towards an environmentally sustainable and conscious Caribbean.

about the crate

After watching the documentary “ A Plastic Ocean” for the first time, Nikola left feeling a mix of emotions. She further realized that there was a need for greater education on and accessibility to alternatives to single use plastic products available in Barbados. This served as a catalyst for her to act. Taking two small pallet boxes (crates), Nikola attended her first pop up shop selling a small range of sustainable living products. From this sprouted The Crate Barbados.

The Crate is the first of its’ kind in the Caribbean. It is your one stop eco shop for all things sustainable and for conscious Caribbean consumption. We pride ourselves on providing products that are single use plastic free and package free as much as possible to help you make simple swaps to low waste living. 

Shop sustainable products and our ‘bulk section’ where you can bring your own reusable jar or container, fill up with your favourite items and go.  

The Crate is much more than a retail space; it is a community hub where individuals can come to learn, share, empower, inspire, act and encourage others to reduce waste and become more conscious consumers. Look out for workshops and events coming soon.

Visit us to learn more about how you can join the movement. Our store hours are Thursday to Saturday 10am-3pm. See you at The Crate Barbados - your one stop eco shop for a conscious Caribbean! 

Eco Shop Barbados

One Stop Eco Shop

Welcome to the Crate Barbados, the Caribbean's first one stop eco shop!  At the Crate, we encourage you to make simple swaps to sustainability while being a more conscious Caribbean consumer. 



Coming from a family of ocean lovers, Nikola has always been a water baby. From the first time that she saw a pod of over 300 dolphins in the wild at around age 6, she knew that her life would surround the sea.

Whether she is referred to as a marine biologist, coastal manager, fisheries  or sustainability consultant, whale, shark, turtle, mermaid, sargassum or plastic girl, what is clear is that she has a deep love and passion for the environment and ocean and the people whose livelihoods depend upon it.

From the oxygen that we breathe to the fish that we eat and the jobs that these provide, we are more connected to our environment and ocean than we realise.

Nikola, using her voice to speak and act for the environment raises awareness on sustainable fisheries, ocean conservation, plastic pollution and climate change within the context of the Blue - Green Economy in Barbados and the Caribbean. 


After realising the negative impacts of plastic pollution on human and environmental health, Nikola realised that many alternatives were not available in Barbados. Over the past year, she has made a conscious effort to reduce her waste while educating and encouraging others to do the same. Out of this has grown a sustainable living retail store - The Crate. Nikola has also been instrumental in driving the plastic ban in Barbados. 

Further inspired by the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the store will work to tackle many of the areas of sustainable development - from good health and well-being to responsible consumption and production to life below water and climate action.  

Nikola is founder of Sustainable Caribbean and  The Crate Barbados. As a marine biologist and natural resource environmental manager, Nikola has over 8 years experience working within the region.

She is currently the head of the Blue Economy Accelerator Lab for UNDP Barbados & the Eastern Caribbean. 



Zalika was raised in a family of activists, and takes great pride in being a vegetarian from birth. From stray dogs to drowning bees, she can often be found rescuing animals. For as long as she can remember, she has attended many protests, films, lectures, and gatherings, about animal rights, human rights and environmental issues. Added to this she has lived in five different countries, on three different continents and these experiences have further fueled her passion, and have shown her how immensely essential it is to live a sustainable lifestyle.


Zalika has since received her Masters in Sustainable Environmental Management from the University of Plymouth and has extensive experience in Climate Change adaptation and mitigation and Sustainable Management from working with a variety of organisations such as Caribsave, The European Union, The Barbados Marine Trust, ICF and the United Nations Development Programme. 

As a consultant at Sustainable Caribbean and store manager of the Crate, Zalika uses her knowledge and experience as an environmental management professional in the Caribbean region for the past 5 years.