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Sustainable Caribbean inspires individuals to make small changes that create a big positive impact towards an environmentally sustainable, regenerative and conscious Caribbean.
We offer a range of sustainability consulting services; are passionate about education, outreach and advocacy and are on a journey of leading a first of its’ kind sustainable living one stop eco shop in the Caribbean.

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Sustainable Caribbean

Our Team

Nikola Simpson

Nikola Simpson

Founder of Sustainable Caribbean, Nikola is a marine biologist & natural resource and environmental manager by profession and passionate about the planet, people, policy and partnerships.

the crate

The Crate encourages you to make simple swaps towards sustainability by providing solutions through our products and knowledge.

As a community hub you can find products from many small local brands, vendors and entrepreneurs.

Welcome to the Caribbean’s first one stop eco shop! 

Browse our store online or visit our stockists and join the movement to become a more conscious consumer. 

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the crate: bestsellers

Browse our sustainable products online, fill your cart and click checkout. Contact us to arrange for delivery and payment for your sustainable swaps. You can also find a small selection of our sustainable finds, "the Crate collection" available at our stockists, Beach Plus Life, My Collection Barbados and Ryan's Happy Place. Thank you for joining the movement!

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